RED180S Timer for Turkey Breast


These Timers are single-use cooking meters which measure the precise internal temperature and assure you that your food are cooked safely at proper temperatures. Put the Timer into the core of your product BEFORE cooking and leave the Timer until the head pops up.

  • Specially designed for food industrial.
  • We can produce it according to customer's requirements .

Pop Up at 180 Fahrenheit / 82 Celsius Degrees Reached

Our Disposable Cooking Timer stems will automatically pop up when just the correct pre-defined activation temperature for safe cooking is reached. We are professional factory, the source supplier.

Technical Info

Place of Origin  China
Model Number  RED180S
Stem Color  Red
Activation Temperature  180 °F degrees, or 82 °C degrees
Acuracy Within  ± 2 °F degrees
Unit Size  S indicates small 1-1/8” in length
Unit Weight  0.72 gram
Potential Application  Turkey Breast 3-7 lbs., Turkey Roast under 5 lbs.
Theory  Temperature sensor
Raw Material  100% food grade nylon

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