Are disposable pop up timer accurate, why and how


Some people have posted online articles complaining about the lack of disposable pop up timers precision, for example, “These pop up timers are actually really inaccurate. There’s a reason that turkey has a reputation for being dry, and it’s because of these timers. If they ever pop at all, it can be too late. (Nov 27, 2019)”.

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So, are disposable pop up timer actually accurate, why and how?

We can responsibly say that is because they didn’t choose the suitable brand / model of the preset temperature pop up timer, or maybe the whole turkey manufacturer took the incorrect preset temperature pop up timer with the turkey.

JINHUA LIOU E-COMMERCE (MANUFACTURING) CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of disposable cooking thermometer since 2005, the real source, high quality, accurate and reliable pop up timer supplier.

For different foods such as poultry, meat products, and fish, consumers should choose different preset temperature pop up timer. The safe temperature for eating turkey is 165°F, and if a pop up timer with a preset temperature of 180°F or even 185°F is used to roast a turkey, when we removed out the turkey from the oven, the turkey will be left to continue roast with residual temperature for a short time, then turkey would overcook and become dry.

LIOU disposable cooking timer advised consumers to choose BLUE 165°F or CHINESE-RED 175°F the DISPOSABLE COOKING THERMOMETER FOR TURKEY ROASTING, also can be used both at the same time, dual pop up timer set.

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