disposable turkey cooking timers factory
JINHUA LIOU E-COMMERCE (MANUFACTURING) CO., LTD is a professional factory specializing in the production of disposable turkey cooking timers / chicken or poultry thermometers, 100% food grade nylon, no soft metal, SGS / FDA test report holder, quality and trustworthy.

The predefined temperature range is 125 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and is activated within +/- 2 °F.

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Specially Designed for Food Industrial

When the temperature of inside of meat reached to the designed temperature, the solid thermo-material will be melted, it frees the end of the stick, then the spring pops the stick up and you know the food is done.

What's the Disposable Turkey Cooking Timer?

The Disposable Turkey Cooking Timer is a single-use cooking meter which measures the precise internal temperature which assure you that your turkey food is cooked safely and at proper temperatures.

To avoid undercooking and overcooking, these magic promotional gadgets take the guess work out of knowing when the turkey / chicken / poultry / pork / beef / fish or other meat is done. The button head of the timer automatically pops up when the required temperature for safe cooking is met.

Put the Disposable Cooking Thermometer into the core of your product BEFORE cooking and leave the Timer until the coloured head pops up.

When its stem pops up, this indicates the food has reached the correct final temperature for safety and doneness, thus eliminating guesswork and assuring a perfectly cooking each and every time, very intuitive and convenient.

Enjoy your cooking, enjoy your dinner, enjoy your life!

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Customers' Feedbacks

Sammichman: These work wonderfully. Like that there is a variety for different meat items. The color coding is helpful. Good item.

Madeline: WORKED AMAZING! Two came in the package which was nice. I cooked a 28 lb Turkey and it worked wonderful. I used two because the turkey was so large and I had no issues.

Sammichman: These things are the best for grilling! Meat is done to perfection for even the pickiest of eaters.

Jenny: I have been using this pop up thermometer for several years. For me it works perfectly for roasting turkey legs on my gas grill.

Mary: I have used one of the three in a fresh turkey breast half and it performed as expected. It was easy to insert. Not only does it let you know when the meat is cooked, but you don't over cook to the point of dryness.

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